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Crystal Studded Beak Clip Peppa Pig 2 Pink Print Snap Clips Black Curve Up Do Hair Clip
Crystal Studded Beak Clip
Our Price: £4.99
Black and Rhodium Beak Clips Scunci 5cm Snap Clips Rectangle Barrette
Scünci 8-pack 5cm Snap Clips
Our Price: £3.49

9cm Rectangle Barrette
Our Price: £1.99
Oval Barrette BaByliss Triangle Snap Clips Scunci Girls 8 Cupcake Snap Clips
9cm Oval Barrette
Our Price: £1.99
Scunci Girls 8 Fruity Hair Clips and Hair Claws Set Tropical Flower Bow Barrette Crystal Butterfly Hair Clip
Crystal Heart Hair Clip Crystal Flowers Hair Clip Crystal Cherries Alligator Hair Clip
Crystal Heart Hair Clip
Our Price: £6.99
Crystal Flowers Hair Clip
Our Price: £6.99
Monochrome Floral Alligator Clips Glitter Beak Clips Hello Kitty Diamante Bow Hair Clip
Scunci Barrettes Acrylic Tortoiseshell Rectangle Barrette Acrylic Tortoiseshell Bow Barrette
Scünci 3-pack Barrettes
Our Price: £3.99

Acrylic Tortoiseshell Buckle Barrette Acrylic Tortoiseshell Crystal Buckle Barrette Crystal Leaf Barrette
Crystal Leaf Barrette
Our Price: £8.99
Vintage Buckle Barrette Crystal Flower Hair Clip Crystal Heart Hair Clips
Vintage Buckle Barrette
Our Price: £9.99

Crystal Flower Hair Clip
Our Price: £8.99
Scünci Thick Hair™ Holds More Hair™ Auto-Clasp Barrette Scunci No-Slip Grip Large Oval Snap Clips Large Triangle Snap Clips
Scünci / BaByliss No-Slip Grip™ No Damage® Oval Snap Clips
Our Price: £3.49
Sale Price: £2.49
You save £1.00!

Hair clips have a fastener or closing mechanism that secures the hair in place; we stock 'bar and bump' clips, snap clips (also known as click-clacks), alligator clips, beak clips and barrettes.

Traditional Clips & Snap Clips
The history of thetraditional 'bar and bump' hair clip goes back hundreds of years, when such hair clips were handmade by jewellers out of the finest precious metals and jewels then afforded only by the very wealthy. The brightly-coloured hair clips, with their array of different finishes and designs that we know today, really boomed in the 1960s with technological advances in plastics technology. It was then for the first time that manufacturers succeeded in designing and mass producing good quality hair clips, imitating expensive or rare materials such as gemstones and tortoiseshell.

'Bar and bump' clips like the Caramel Stripe Hair Clips and snap clips like the Heart Shimmer Snap Clip can be used in all hair types and lengths. Whether you hair is long or short, thick or fine, or somewhere in between, these type of clips are perfect for adding instant style, glamour, or sparkle.

Stop snap clips slipping and sliding out of fine or freshly-washed hair by applying hair spray to your hair before clipping your hair clip into place.

Beak Clips
Also known as concorde clips, beak clips have a distinctive beak-like shape - hence the name! Best suited to mid-length and long hair, beak clips create elegant and secure French pleats and other up-dos in all hair types. The beak clip is very comfortable to wear too; the clip curves to the contour of your head, so it won't dig in - not even when driving.

Available in either plastic or metal, in a vast array of colours, designs and finishes, our range of beak clips typically measure between 8cm and 13cm long. It may seem obvious but we would recommend that the longer and thicker your hair, then the longer the beak clip you should choose to secure your hair in the style of your choice; be it up do or ponytail.

For a funky look in long thick hair, try using two smaller 8cm beak clips instead of a single longer beak clip to secure a French flip.

Alligator Clips

Resembling a small beak clip, our range of alligator clips measure on average 5cm to 6cm long. Easy to use in all hair lengths and types (simply pinch open at hinged end, place in hair and then close), we think that they can add a colourful or even glamorous (try a crystal clip) touch when clipping small sections of hair away from the face. If you’re growing out a fringe (bangs) then these little clips can be invaluable – use to clip hair stylishly away from your eyes whilst it’s in that irritating in-between stage.

For extra grip and hold, look out for our alligator clips with small internal teeth - don't worry, they won't bite!


Barrette is the general word in French to describe a hair clip. Meaning little bar, the word barrette has been used for centuries to describe clips with a traditional 'bar and bump' clasp. However, in the UK the term barrette is used to describe a very specific type of clip - that with an auto-clasp mechanism as pictured on the right. Also known as a French spring clip, this auto-clasp mechanism originated in the 1960s and is a relatively modern invention. The reason the barrette's auto-clasp mechanism revolutionised the production of bar clasps is that, for the first time, a 'bar' hair clip was able to adjust to the thickness of the hair being clipped thus ensuring a firm and secure grip in all hair types.

A barrette can be used to hold everything from a small section of hair away from the face in short hair, to a ponytail in long thick hair. The larger a barrette’s clasp, the more hair it can clip into place. If you are looking for something to keep hair off your face then go for one of the smaller barrettes; if you are looking for a barrette to hold all of your hair in a ponytail or chignon, go for a larger barrette. For everyday use for those with thick hair, be sure to try the Thick Hair Auto-Clasp Barrette.

For a barrette that will stay in place all day (even in the finest of hair), look out for patented No Slip Grip® and Non Slide® technology.