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Scunci 50 Hair Pins Butterfly Chignon Pin Coloured Crystal Hair Pins
Butterfly Chignon Pin
Our Price: £4.99
Crystal Cluster Hair Pins Gilt Jewelled Flower Chignon Pin Crystal Hair Jewels
6-Pack Crystal Hair Jewels
Our Price: £4.99

Faux Pearl Hair Jewels Faux Pearl Hair Pins Flower Spray Hair Jewel
Faux Pearl Hair Jewels
Our Price: £2.99

Faux Pearl Hair Pins
Our Price: £3.99

Premier Collection Rose Hair Jewels Premier Collection Ivory Faux Pearl Hair Jewels Silver Plated Hair Jewels with White Faux Pearls & Crystals
4-Pack Premier Collection Rose Hair Jewels
Our Price: £3.99 per pack of four

Premier Collection Crystal Square Hair Jewels Premier Collection Satin Flower & Crystal Hair Jewel Premier Collection Crystal Flower Hair Jewels
4-Pack Premier Collection Crystal Square Hair Jewels
Our Price: £5.99 per pack of four

Premier Collection Crystal Cluster Hair Jewels Premier Collection White Satin Rose Hair Jewels Premier Collection Satin & Chiffon Flower Hair Jewel
Premier Collection Chiffon Flower & Crystal Hair Jewels Chiffon Flower and Faux Pearl Hair Jewels White Petal and Crystal Hair Jewels
Premier Collection Yellow Satin Rose Hair Jewels Premier Collection Faux Pearl Hair Jewels Premier Collection Filigree Flower Hair Pin
4-Pack Premier Collection Faux Pearl Hair Jewels
Our Price: £3.49 per pack of four
Crystal Hair Pins Crystal Flower Bridal Hair Pin Crystal Star Flower Hair Pins
Crystal Hair Pins
Our Price: £2.99

Smoky Blue Crystal Hair Jewels White Rose and Faux Pearl Hair Jewel Crystal Rose Hair Pins
Hair Jewels or Hair Spinner as we know them today are a relatively modern invention; sitting on a metal spinner or coil, hair jewels are a convenient way to secure pearls and other jewels in the hair. Despite the modern method of securing hair jewels with spinners, hair jewellery has been in use for thousands of years. The wealthiest members of ancient civilisations used precious metals and gems in all manner of hair accessories such as combs, bands and pins. This has continued for centuries, with high society noble men and women dressing their hair, wigs, bonnets and caps with precious and semi-precious jewels such as pearls, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, amethysts and even diamonds. Thankfully today, we are able to simulate these gemstones and can offer affordable, yet still luxurious-looking alternatives such as hair jewels with sparkling clear and coloured crystals, hair pearls with realistic-looking synthetic faux pearls, as well as spinners adorned with chiffon and satin.

Hair spinners are a quick an easy way to add a glamorous finishing touch to any hairstyle. Simply twist the hair coil into the hair until you can't twist it any more - it's as easy as that! Ideal to use for any occasion from weddings and proms to first holy communions, we have a great range of hair jewels to choose from including a range of spinners that you simply won't find anywhere else.

By mixing and matching a few different spinners you can create your own unique hair accessory. Choose your hair jewels and arrange them your own way; line them up to give the illusion of a headband, or cluster together to give the illusion of a larger single accessory. A fab alternative to an expensive bespoke hair accessory, you can guarantee that you won't see anyone else with exactly the same combination!

Hair pins have been used worldwide for thousands of years to dress and decorate hair. For many centuries hair pins made of jet, ivory and precious metals were luxury items of the wealthier members of society, but there is some evidence to suggest that wooden sticks were in common use as hair pins in the wider population too. Hair pins were traditionally single-pronged hair pins...more like the type of thing we would perhaps refer to as 'hair sticks' today. The double-pronged u-shaped hair pin that we use today also dates back centuries, but isn't quite as old as its hair stick forerunner. First appearing in around 300AD in China, the double-pronged hairpin took a little longer to establish itself as it needed some time to evolve from its delicate beginnings in to the stronger, more robust hair pin that we know today.

Hair pins' continual use over the centuries to pin up elaborate hair styles or hold hair pieces in place has made them a firm favourite. Pins made of precious metals, bone and wood have been found that would have been used by Ancient Egyptians as far back as 1200BC. Ancient Romans favoured gold, silver, jet, bone and ivory hair sticks with carved decorative heads depicting a varied range of subjects such as animals, people and fruit; hair pins were often worn with ribbons and jewels attached. For centuries, hair pins were used widely. By the late 19th century hair pins were highly decorative accessories collected by the celebrities of the day. Adorned with stars, enamelled flowers and gems, tortoiseshell was the material favoured for hair pins by Parisian designers at this time. Silver hair pins finished with sporting motifs; small gold hair pins decorated with pearls and other precious stones were also popular in Victorian times. The same subject matter is used for hair pins today, as we still see floral, animal and jewelled designs appearing on hair pins. Luckily, thanks to more modern hair pin production techniques and materials, hair sticks and hair pins don't come with the same hefty price tag that they once used to!

Use hair pins to add a finishing touch to an up-do such as a hair bun, French pleat or chignon. If you are planning on styling a hair bun, try using a hair donut to make your bun; the doughnut will make a great base for hair pins to sink into and that way you can be sure that they won't dig in to your head!