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Scunci School Mates Scrunchies Moshi Monsters 8 Assorted Colour Hair Ties Volume Styler
Scünci 5-pack School Mates Set
Our Price: £2.99
Sale Price: £1.99
You save £1.00!
Volume Styler
Our Price: £3.99

Scunci Crisscrosser Wonder Weave Scunci Bungee Elastics
Scünci Crisscrosser
Our Price: £4.99
Wonder Weave
Our Price: £3.49

Scünci 5 Bungee Elastics
Our Price: £3.99
BaByliss No Damage Flat Metallic Thread Hair Ties Scunci Girls Bright Multi Pack Ponios Scunci 12 No Damage Flat Chenille Hair Elastic Bands
School Days Ponios Mini Black Ponios Animal Print Chiffon Scrunchie
12-pc School Days Ponios
Our Price: £1.49
Hello Kitty Hair Elastic Bands Hello Kitty Bling Ponytailer Scunci 10 No Slip Grip No Damage Elastics
Scunci 12 No Damage Soft Hair Ties Scunci 24 Large Thin 2mm Hair Elastics Crystal Butterfly Ponytailer
Crystal Bow Ponytailer Scünci 18 Large Thick No Damage Hair Elastic Bands Scunci 14 Large Flat No Damage Hair Elastic Bands
Crystal Bow Ponytailer
Our Price: £9.99
Scunci No Damage Large Hair Polybands Girls Small Neon Polybands Girls Butterfly Ponytailers
Girls Mini Ponios Girls Butterfly Sparkle Ponios Girls Butterfly Ponios & Clip Set
Girls 12-pack Mini Ponios
Our Price: £1.00
Girls Cat Face Purse with Free Hair Elastics Scunci 30 Small Thin No Damage Hair Elastic Bands Tartan Scrunchie
Girls Cat Face Purse
Our Price: £2.49
Tartan Scrunchie
Our Price: £1.99
Everything you need to create your perfect ponytail!

Hair ties or hair elastics
owe their very existence to the invention of the rubber band back in the 1840s. Unlike natural rubber that can tangle and pull hair, modern hair elastics are made of more hair-friendly materials such as nylon-coated rubber and synthetic rubber such as neoprene. This has led to the creation of 'no damage' and 'snag free' hair ties. Used to create everything from ponytails to hair buns, hair elastics are hair styling essentials that most of us now use on a daily basis. As well as coloured hair ties in a range of thicknesses and sizes, you'll also find we sell softer ponios (a great option for children) decorative bobbles and more discrete polybands.

Ponytailers are decorative hair ties that come with a piece of hair jewellery attached to an elastic hair tie. As their name suggests, ponytailers are used primarily to create ponytails, but are a more stylish alternative to the simple hair tie. Try one of our crystal ponytailers and add a simple touch of glamour to any evening outfit!

It is important to choose a hair tie that won't snag or damage your precious locks; that's why we specialise in elastics, bobbles, ponytailers, polybands and ponios that have no metal parts.

Do you like to sleep with your hair in a ponytail, but hate the 'dent' that your hair elastic leaves the next morning? Swap your hair elastic band for a soft ponio, and you'll be 'dent' free!

were developed back in the 1980s. At that time hair elastics tended to have metal fittings to link the two ends of the band together. Designed for use on ponytails, at the heart of all scrunchies is a hair elastic, that has been completely enveloped by a 'scrunched' fabric; from luxiourous velvets and silks to printed cottons and nylons. As an early 'no damage' design, scrunchies very quickly grew in popularity. Still the same basic design, scrunchies are suitable for all hair types and work best in mid- to long-length hair.

Scruchies are now available in a host of different sizes and a range of fabulous fabrics, funky prints, and often designed with a modern twist. Love it or loathe it, almost thirty years after its first appearance, the scrunchie is definetly here to stay!

If you need a more secure ponytail than you can achieve with your scrunchie alone, try using a polyband first to secure your ponytail and then add your favourite scrunchie.