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Double Hair Combs Classic Hair Combs Crystal Row Hair Combs
Double Hair Combs
Our Price: £7.99

2-pack Classic Hair Combs
Our Price: £2.99

2-pack Crystal Row Hair Combs
Our Price: £13.99

Vintage Charm Crystal Hair Comb Heirloom Fan Crystal Hair Comb Crystal Flower Row Hair Comb
Floral Nostalgia Crystal Row Hair Comb Fifties Glamour Vintage Inspiration Hair Comb Movie Queen Legend Vintage Hair Comb
Vintage Flourish Crystal Hair Comb Crystal Butterfly Hair Comb Large Crystal Flower Hair Comb
Hair Combs 2-pack Stretch Combs BaByliss Vintage Blue Slide Hair Comb
2-pack Hair Combs
Our Price: £1.00

2-pack Stretch Comb Hair Bands
Our Price: £1.99

Crystal Flower Bridal Hair Comb Crystal Shooting Starflower Bridal Hair Comb Crystal Fan Bridal Hair Comb
Crystal Spiral Flower Bridal Hair Comb Crystal Flower Bouquet Bridal Hair Comb Crystal Flower Spray Bridal Hair Comb
Faux Pearl Spray Bridal Hair Comb Filigree Flower Bridal Hair Comb Golden Spray Bridal Hair Comb
Volumising Hair Comb
Volumising Hair Comb
Our Price: £2.99

One of the oldest of hair accessories, side combs have been used for thousands of years to dress and decorate hair; many archaeological finds have been made worldwide that include hair combs. Originally made out of bone, ivory or wood, they were adorned then as today with items such as jewels, feathers and precious metals. The modern day side comb is usually made either of plastic or metal, and is used for hair decoration or simple grip and hold (plastic combs are made to match natural hair tones so they can blend in better with your hair when using them as discrete styling aids).

Our range of side combs includes stunning crystal, flower and pearl designs that make the most gorgeous bridal hair accessories. However, we don't just do hair combs for weddings, we also stock plastic and fashion side combs for everyday use.

If you are looking for a side comb to secure hair, you will need to bear in mind what hair type you have. In general, the longer and thicker your hair, the larger the hair comb needs to be. For very fine hair, consider adding a decorative comb once the hair has been styled and secured in place (e.g. with an elastic or grips).