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Feather Flower Fascinator Feather Fascinator Feather Bloom Fascinator
Feather Flower Fascinator
Our Price: £6.99
Feather Fascinator
Our Price: £5.99
Feather Bloom Fascinator
Our Price: £15.99
Feather Burst Fascinator Peacock Look Feather Fascinator
Feather Burst Fascinator
Our Price: £15.99
The fascinator's origins can be traced back to the grandes dames of the 18th century, when hair pieces in the form of powdered wigs were so large that hats became impossible to wear and fell out of ladies' fashion. Instead, the powdered wigs were festooned with all manner of ornaments, trinkets, jewels, ribbon and feathers - this included large items such as large replica carriages, replica sailing ships and even bird cages with live birds inside! And so the fascinator (not quite as we know it today!) was born. Largely extinct by the 1970s, the fascinator has had a real revival in the noughties, and is now used as an alternative to hats both at weddings, other formal occasions (such as Ascot) and even at evening parties, where they are sometimes referred to as a cocktail hats.

Hair fascinators are usually attached to combs, clip or headbands. Many fascinators are created with ribbon, feather, diamante, crystal and other materials such as voile, satin and chiffon. Our fascinators are available in many colours, styles and types so we hope you will find something that you are looking for in our fascinator range.

Fascinators on headbands are perhaps the easiest to use and are particularly suitable if you have short or fine hair. If you are looking to incorporate your fascinator into an up-do or particular hairstyle, then a fascinator on a hair comb or clip may be a better option. In this case, it might be worth taking it along to your hair stylist and having a trial run...particularly if it is for a special occasion!