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Retro 1940s Style Polka Dot Print Cotton Headscarf Black Diamante Sequence Headband Peppa Pig Bow Hairband with Heart Decoration
Peppa Pig Alicebands Scunci Girls 4 No Slip Grip Evolution Glow in the Dark Hair Bands Scunci Girls 6 No Damage Flower Motif Hair Bands
Daisy Shimmer Headband Black Applique Hairband Floral Chiffon Head Wrap with Bow
Daisy Shimmer Headband
Our Price: £2.99
Black Appliqué Hairband
Our Price: £4.99

Toothed Headbands Hello Kitty Polka Dot Bow Headband Hello Kitty Hairbands
2-pack Toothed Headbands
Our Price: £3.49

Scunci No Slip Grip All Day Hold Wide Headband Scunci No Slip Grip Headband Scunci Diamante Headband
Scünci Diamante Headband
Our Price: £3.99
Triple Row Crystal Headband Art Deco Bow Crystal Headband Scunci Hair Band with Lycra
Scünci Hair Band with Lycra®
Our Price: £2.99

Double Row Crystal Headband Polkadot Print Head Wrap Plaited Hair Band
Polkadot Print Head Wrap
Our Price: £2.49
Plaited Hair Band
Our Price: £2.99

Double Row Plaited Hair Band Wide Plaited Headband Diamante Headband
Wide Plaited Headband
Our Price: £3.99
Diamante Headband
Our Price: £5.99
Satin Corsage Headband Feather Butterfly Headband Feather Bow Headband
Satin Corsage Headband
Our Price: £2.99
Feather Bow Headband
Our Price: £3.99
Bow Headband BaByliss Wide Tortoiseshell Flexi Hair Band BaByliss Black Beaded Hair Band
Bow Headband
Our Price: £2.49
Hair bands are amongst the oldest of hair accessories dating back to ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Etruscans and Assyrians. Worn by both men and women, hair bands were a decorative way of securing early wigs and false hair pieces. Styles ranged from simple hair bands made of ribbon and kerchiefs, through to elaborate jewelled creations. They have enjoyed popularity right through the ages up to the present day. In more recent times, we have taken advantage of new materials like Lycra®, nylon and flexi plastics in creating hair bands, but the basic hair band design remains largely unchanged by time. Stretchy and flexible, hair bands are an easy- to-use, must-have hair accessory.

Hair bands are so flexible and stretchy; you can place them anywhere you want to achieve fabulous-looking hair. We stock a giddy mix of styles; practical hair bands great for playing sports, stylish bands for everyday wear, and statement-making hair bands adorned with flowers, bows and bling... Simply pop on a hair band, and in five seconds flat you too can look as on trend as your favourite celebrity!

For hippy hair band cool, try wearing a plaited, braided or pearl hair band straight across your forehead. For a real style statement, dare to wear two decorated hair bands at once.

(also known as alice bands) are closely related to their stretchy and flexible friend the hair band, and date back as far as them historically. The type of headbands that Cleopatra would have worn were made of precious metals and gems, and afforded by only the very wealthiest of people...happily times have changed! Usually made of harder materials than hair bands, such as rigid plastic or metal, headbands are horseshoe-shaped hair accessories that are worn to keep hair stylishly away from the face. Super easy to use, headbands suit any hair type and almost any hair length and make a great addition to your hair accessory collection!

Headbands come in a variety of styles and sizes, with a variety of different colours and finishes. Choose from skinny plastic headbands in classic black (great for the office, school or gym) through to wide fabric covered tartan, bright bow or floral designs (perfect to match with more casual outfits). We also have a number of crystal headbands for those special occasions!

For a really glamorous addition to an up-do, such as a French pleat, try adding a crystal headband as a finishing touch.