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Ordering and Payment
Do I have to create an account?
You don't have to create an Account, you can check out as a 'guest'.  However, if you do check out as a 'guest' without creating an account you won't be able to review your order status, view your order history, track orders using a carrier tracking reference (if provided) or access order information (such as billing/shipping addresses) quickly and easily for any future orders. 
Do you have a minimum order?
  No, we do not have a minimum order, so please feel free to spend as little or as much as you would like!
What are my payment choices and is it secure?
We offer secure payment by Visa (including UK Visa Debit & UK Visa Electron), MasterCard, Maestro (UK Maestro cards only) and JCB. During the checkout process you may choose any of our current payment options and continue to place your order. Our checkout process offers the highest level of SSL 128 bit security available today, so you can be confident about paying online.  We are PCI compliant, which means you can be confident that we handle your card data securely. When placing your order online we can't see your credit/debit card information in full, and we don't store any of your card details.

If you're lucky enough to have received one of our gift vouchers you can also use that as payment or part payment during the checkout process. Please click here for information about Redeeming Gift Certificates.
Please note that we unable to accept orders over the telephone. 
What should I do if my card is declined?
  If your credit or debit card was refused while placing an order, please check that the details you completed on the checkout page are correct; pay particular attention to details such as billing address, card number, and expiry date.  If you find an error, correct it and try again.  If the card is declined again the we would recommend that you re-submit your order using a different card. We are not able to provide you with details on why your card was refused, you would need to contact your card issuer for this information.
When will my credit card be charged?
  Your credit/debit card is charged when you place your order.
What currency will my purchases be charged in?
  All orders are charged for in British Pound Sterling (GBP). For your convenience, prices can be displayed in other currencies using the Currency dropdown list, which can be found on the top right-hand side of each page. However this display tool is only intended as a guide, and will only give an approximation of the price in other currencies. It is not intended to give an accurate final charge amount as final order amounts will be charged in British Pound Sterling (GBP) and converted to your home currency by your card provider.

Pretty Pieces Ltd doesn’t set the rate of exchange; your credit card provider does this. When the charge is made to your credit card, your card provider will convert the amount we have charged you in GBP to your local currency.  This is done at a rate of exchange determined by your credit card provider, or a third party.  If you have any questions about exchange rates and other charges (such as currency handling fees), please contact your credit card provider.